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Cold Sunday night , just laying here on my bed staring at the ceiling……

It’s a new month, time for a do over, fresh start, rebuilding, new you, or whatever it means to you…….. Here goes another chance for me to do things differently, live, love, be, act differently, chase new opportunities…

Here I am indifferent, still unchanged, still aching with this glass of a heart.

If only, I tell myself every night after going through the same circle, deep down I know if only where to be I’ll still come up with trash for an escuse.

To cut this sad story short, I desire a wild change, I want to experience it all, the good, the crazy, the exciting, I want to feel pain and act on it… I want to stop being a numb passer by.

An endless wish of a sad soul!

What thoughts do you have at 2am??

Xoxo sisnextdoor.

Published by Sisnextdoor

Just a 19 year old introverted weirdo trying to wrap my head around the whole adulting phase🙃

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