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My first love letter

Love, an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Love is a really amazing feeling and more beautiful when your intense feelings of affection are reciprocated. And When the ain’t, your heart just goes fuck fuck fucked!.

I had a crush on this boy back in highschool, ohh he was a cutie, let’s call him euphoria cause that’s how he made me feel anytime I saw him, he didn’t even have to do anything to make my chest go ouu la la.

I had,had enough of this self torture I told myself one day, you’re an independent, strong, not really pretty (but that’s not the focus here huh) p.s this out of no where confidence was as a result of a movie I had just watched earlier that week. All this recipe points points to one dish… Total disaster!… But I was just 13 soooo what’s the worst that can happen right?

The night before I end this whole wrecking ball session (having this feelings bottled up was my wrecking ball session)had I known!. I wrote my heart, soul, and spirit on a plain piece of paper, to add the toppings to this cake, I had previously purchased a gift (hell yeah a gift) if I’m coming out I’m doing it with a bang… So I thought. So I got him this really cute masculine necklace, wasn’t expensive tho… Remember 13 and broke as hell.

Got to school quite early, I don’t think I even slept the day before. Damnn was my excitement gushing out of me, I didn’t even try to hide it.

He usually comes to school late, he had this whole bad boy persona going on for him (that’s what 13years old me was digging back then?) Still bubbling with my newly acquired confidence, I gave him the letter at lunch break.

2hours later, no reply no reaching out, nothing!… Maybe he needed more time I guessed… Boy was I wrong. Few minutes later after my Midway pycho break down, I saw it, I friggin saw my necklace on some random dudes neck!. I began to frantically search for euphoria at this point… There he was with half the boys in my class reading my friggin letter.

It took about a week or so before the fiasco died down. That right there was my 15 minutes of Fame I wish I could trade for a knife to gut myself with.

I have always been a total sucker for hand written love notes, you can call it old school or whatever but that’s me. It’s been 7years now and I haven’t written a love note!

Ever handwritten a love letter?

At what age did you?

Did it end well or in tears?

Xoxo sisnextdoor.

Published by Sisnextdoor

Just a 19 year old introverted weirdo trying to wrap my head around the whole adulting phase🙃

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