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You said you loved me

You said I was the one

You never met another like me you said

True tho,

But you lied bitch

I was never the one

More like the available

It’s really funny how I thought I knew you.

Thoughts of love

Thoughts of care

Thoughts of sisterhood

Thoughts of forever after

Thoughts I never imagined I could think about another human

Bitch I did!

I wish I never smiled at you from the doorway

I wish I never invited you to come join me

I wish I was never nice

I wish…

I wish you where me for a day.

Xoxo sisnextdoor.

Published by Sisnextdoor

Just a 19 year old introverted weirdo trying to wrap my head around the whole adulting phase🙃

2 thoughts on “Bestie

    1. It’s really scary giving your whole heart out there be it in a platonic or intimate way and find out later everything you knew was a sham.. shout out to those who found real Friends 💕


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